How to Report a Copyright File to Google

Now that you know how to find copyright files on Google, you may be wondering what to do with the information you’ve found.

You can’t do anything about those files from your computer or mobile device, but you can report them to Google so that they will take the appropriate action against the offender who has plagiarized your work or someone else’s work.

Follow these steps to report a copyright file on Google and ensure it gets taken down as quickly as possible.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in 1998 and has been used to protect copyright online. This site is run by U.S. Government officials and provides a list of all DMCA notices filed with it, along with information on where to file your own notice if you think someone has infringed on your copyright. Visit for more information on how to report a copyright file to Google.

Fill in the forms

Reporting copyright infringement is easy if you know how. First, find your image on Google Image Search (if you already know about an infringing image, search for that URL instead of doing a reverse image search).

Click on it and then click report at the bottom of your browser window. In accordance with US law, report your copyright infringement claim quickly—the sooner you make it, they more likely it is that those in charge will investigate or remove infringing content.

You’ll need to provide information such as proof of ownership and details about what violates your copyright—but if you own all rights or have been given permission by someone who does, reporting shouldn’t be too difficult.

Submit your complaint

Report copyright infringement on your own. In order to find any content on Google, we must first know about it. If you’ve found that someone has copied one of your copyrighted works and made it available online without permission, you can submit a complaint using our online form.

Once we’ve reviewed your report, if we believe that the content infringes on your copyright rights, then we will remove it from our search results or from YouTube, or restrict access to it from our services.

Include any relevant evidence

To report copyright infringement, use our online form. This allows you to submit all of your information through an online form instead of having to send individual email messages for each file.

Note that if you submit more than three copyright removal requests in any seven-day period, you may not send additional notices for two weeks. As with all legal issues, please do consult an attorney before submitting a report.

Choose whether you want your identity revealed

You can choose whether you want your identity revealed or not. You can also attach an anonymous email address, or simply use your personal one if you are okay with that. In addition, you have an option to include some extra comments and content within your DMCA report request, which should help you better explain what happened in detail.

In short, Google allows for free and easy reporting of any copyright files that may be infringing on our rights; we only ask that you fill out these reports accurately, so as to avoid abuse by third parties who may wish to take advantage of them.

Wait for Google’s response

First, you’ll have to contact whoever owns or represents that image and ask for permission. The people who report copyright files should include a brief email with their initial report.

It’s not a bad idea to also attach an agreement letter that you request from them authorizing you (or your website) to use their content. By doing so, it proves that you tried to resolve things civilly before taking legal action against them by reporting them in Google’s system.

They might even have some advice on how best to move forward legally if they agree to help (they probably won’t). When contacting those reporting, try and get as much information as possible about where they got the image or video because it will help with any potential legal proceedings later on down the line.

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