How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel To Another SIM

Airtel Transfer Code 2022: Hello Dear, are you an Airtel User! Do you know what is Airtel transfer code? How to trigger Airtel transfer PIN code? How to reset the PIN code for Airtel transfer? To find out the solution to all these questions, continue reading.

In this article, I will show you the current default transfer code for all Airtel users and how to change your default transfer code, kindly read through this article carefully.

Airtel users can share their airtime through one simple code and easily complete this simple process within seconds.

Generally, Airtime credit is the amount of money you pay to your service providers for you to use the services they provide, such as making phone calls, sending text messages and browsing the internet, Infact all telecommunication company in Nigeria offers same features that allow users to share their airtime credits to other customers within the network circle.

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Meanwhile, Airtel remains one of the biggest telecommunications company in Nigeria and also one of the largest in Africa with over millions of subscribers.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel?

Currently, it is possible to transfer airtime to any Airtel user by using your own airtime credit. But before you can do this, you must know the default Airtel airtime transfer pin which is usually four zeros (1234) or create a personal transfer PIN by changing the default PIN.

How To Create an Airtime Transfer PIN for Your Airtel SIM

To change your default Airtel airtime share PIN send a text in the following format to 432: PIN 5555 to 432, E.g., to change the password to 4321, the text sent will read — PIN 1234 4321 to 432. You will then receive an SMS confirmation from 432. Success!

NOTE; Think about your new PIN code. Your new four-digit number should be complicated, not like 1234 or 5678.

How to transfer Airtel airtime to another Airtel customer

There are several ways to use when it comes to sharing airtime from one MTN telephone line to another.

  1. Airtel ME2U METHOD: Airtel Me2U is special service that grant Airtel users access to transfer portion of their credit to another person, usually not revertable and not exceeding N5,000 airtime daily.
    You can as well write a message to 432, containing PIN – default PIN – new PIN, for you to change your default Me2U transfer PIN, That is PIN 1234 9087 to 432
  2. DIRECT USSD METHOD: Dial *432# and select “Transfer Airtime” then input the number of the person you’re transferring credit to, Next input your transfer PIN and confirm your transaction by replying with 1

Forgot Your Airtel Airtime Transfer PIN?

If peradventure forgot your Airtel transfer PIN, you may not be able to change this PIN on your phone by your self. However, you can contact Airtel customer service by calling the number +234-802-150-0111, an agent will speak to you and put you through the process of retrieving your lost PIN code.


PIN reset option is available on the *141# USSD menu. and one PIN is applicable for Data Gifting & Data Me2U.

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