Why Should You Avoid Cracked Softwares

Cracked softwares, what are they? Are they really all that bad? Should you avoid them? Let’s try to answer some of these questions by looking at both sides of the story and see if we can come to a logical conclusion. On one hand, many people believe cracked softwares to be the only way to avoid paying ridiculous prices for software they don’t even need or want. On the other hand, others would claim that cracked softwares are illegal and should be avoided by everyone. Who’s right, who’s wrong?


What are cracked softwares?

The term cracked software refers to pirated or illegal copies of software. Pirated software is illegal because it violates copyright laws, which protect intellectual property rights in creative works. Copying another person’s work and distributing it for free is a serious crime that can result in fines and criminal charges. By illegally copying a copy-protected program, you may also risk corrupting your computer’s operating system, opening yourself up to a host of computer viruses and other malware.

What’s wrong with them?

For one, they are illegal, which means you could get in trouble for using them. They’re often buggy and may not even work. And it’s against ethical rules to use them because these developers spent their time making these products for no compensation. As professional writers, we don’t want to support or condone something like that. It takes money to make software—and people should be compensated for their work. So if you see a cracked version of a program, please avoid it. If there is a free trial available on a website, take advantage of that instead!

When do you need to use them?

there are two reasons when you need to use a cracked software. if you don’t have enough money to buy an original software and if some of that programs are not available in your country. If you have these two reasons then you should go for a cracked software. But i would recommend you to try other ways as well like downloading trial version or using online tools etc. These things will help you save a lot of time and money. So now let’s see what all problems we can face by using cracked softwares.

How can you know if it’s a cracked software or not?

For starters, it’s always advisable to buy original software. Buying software online can save you lots of money as opposed to buying them in stores. Not only that, if you’re planning on installing your software on multiple computers then getting a license for each computer could prove expensive over time. It will also enable you access to updates and technical support which are otherwise not available with cracked softwares.

But how do you know if it’s a cracked software or not? Here are some signs Softwares such as Photoshop have serial numbers which are unique to each copy of software. If you try to install Photoshop on more than one computer but use different serial numbers, it won’t work. So if you’ve bought Photoshop from Adobe directly then there is no way they would give out its serial number so easily unless they were hacked!

When you can download it legally?

Many of these cracked programs contain viruses and other malicious software that can damage your computer. Even if you’re downloading from a trusted site, it’s possible for some malware to be embedded in cracked versions of popular programs. Before you download a program, make sure to read several reviews from respected sites like CNET or PC Magazine, or check out our guides on how to pick a great password manager and VPN here on Lifewire.

Disadvantages of cracked softwares

When you buy a software, you are paying for many hours of development time and teams of experts who have developed tools to protect your investment. As well as purchasing it on a disc and/or download, you are also receiving customer support from large companies with worldwide networks.

However, with cracked software, you do not receive any of these things; often buying illegally downloaded software will get you nothing more than a virus or malware that can wreck havoc on your computer. In some cases, it can even cause permanent damage to your hardware or operating system. Not only is there no guarantee that what you’re downloading is actually safe to use, but there’s also no way to contact developers if something goes wrong. It’s a gamble—and one that could cost you much more than just money.



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